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A Love Letter

I can’t go on without you in my life. I can’t move, breath, or sleep without you by my side. I am you and without you I am nothing. My body craves and thirst after you and only you. You are my beginning to my end. My confidant and lover of my soul. It’s your soft touches in the midnight that comforts me and eases all my worries. How I hasten to you so that I might receive sweet kisses that are like honey to my lips. The way you wrap me in your arms makes me feel the safety and security of your love for me. Your love never fails me but it picks me up when I am down and gives me peace when peace can’t be found. I call you Lord and I delight myself in serving you as I sit at your feet waiting on your next move for me. I deny all parts of my way of life in exchange for your way of living. I adore your thoughts, wisdom, and your understanding. No greater man do I know than one who willingly gives his life so that I might live. Suffers that I might be healed. Loved me when I didn’t love myself. How can I ever love you as you have loved me? I call you daddy because you take care of all my needs. Friend because you know me better than I know myself. How many times have I went on about my adulterous ways? Rejecting your love and your warm embrace. I have come to realize that you don’t need me but it’s me who needs you. So this day I give you all of me. As I kneel down before you with my arms out stretched I will tell the world that I am in love with you.

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