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Affects of Trauma Within Relationships The Healing Place

Tune in as we discuss the affects of trauma within a relationship and how you can help and not hurt, reach out for help and feel ashame, and know when to let go for your own mental good. It's important to understand that when trauma is left unresolved and your experience of yourself is one of not being whole—of somehow being broken—you are likely to bring the footprints of this to your relationships. To have healthy relationships, you must first have a healthy sense of your own being and place in the world. Guest: Laurel Sole' Laurel began her graduate work in 2002. She imagined a path of International Social Work, traveling the world, and living everywhere. Her dreams of working globally were big. However, an unintended pregnancy, single parenting, child custody battles, a second marriage, more children, and some family trauma resulting in the tragic death of her brother informed a very different life path for her. This new path involved a deep and still evolving process of working diligently to understand herself and the choices she’d made in this lifetime. Laurel needed to understand her patterns and belief systems that kept her cycling in and out of trauma. She was tired of relationship struggles and stagnation that felt never-ending. She had to come to understand how she could make peace with the sudden unexpected changes life delivers and live a life of deep peace, deep knowing, and secure trust in herself, despite tragedy and encountering the unexpected. She came to this place via her own personal growth journey and that ultimately is what guided her to what she offers clients now, Therapeutic Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching Programs for women recovering from bad relationships. In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist; I am certified as a Parent Coach; Certified as a Health Coach; Certified in PACT as a Couples Therapist; Certified as a level II EMDR Therapist; Certified as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner. My hobbies include all things woowoo including Tarot, astrology, energy work, and most importantly mysticism. She sees her work as not traditional psychotherapy, but as a creative process, an art form in its own right. When she works with clients she sees a human being and a whole person. She treats the person, not the problem, and does not see problems, but unlimited potential. Link: Email Your Questions: Donate: — Send in a voice message:
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