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Worth The Wait

Women Wait For A Abraham:

  1. He hoped against a hopeless situation. What we know for sure is that it was not him with the fertility problem. What we also know for sure is back in those times before following God they were mixed in a culture where they worshipped many gods. When a woman did not produce children she was considered cursed and men would often put them away in divorce.
  2. Abraham was faithful: Because we know that it wasn’t Abraham with the problem it only leaves us to assume he remained faithful and prayerful for things to change for his wife. He might of prayed to every god before encountering the one true living God but he prayed until something shifted. We know for sure he didn’t take another woman in the bed until instructed to by his wife in an attempt to please her and not to please himself. He didn’t take another wife until the death of Sarah and he went on to have more children.
  3. Abraham was not swayed: The culture would have had a great affect on the marriage. Such as shame, created pressure, it would have been stigmatized, and perhaps he would have been considered weak as a man for staying. Even in all of this Abraham was not swayed to step out of his vows, character, integrity, and his love for Sarah.

Women please when dating make sure you take your time and get to know the backstory of the man. You are not desperate and you do not have to settle for a man who is unhealed, uncertain of what he wants or who he is even after several failed marriages and/or relationships, has eyes for every woman they see, or has no godly character or integrity. Don’t you dare settle! There are men who hold the character and integrity of Abraham in his love and faithfulness for Sarah. Wait on God because it will be worth the wait.

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Christmas Lights

Only God knows what I go through as I go through this thing called life, as a woman who happens to be single, who happens to own her home, while counting down to her last child’s graduation.

The numerous issues that come up on a daily basis that leave me baffled and waiting on God’s wisdom to solve. Well, I am happy to report that the mystery to my electrical problem has now been solved. Let me take you back.

June of this year I had someone to pressure wash my home. I was excited and pleased with the work of the young man. I cheerfully paid him and waved goodbye as he exited my driveway. Later that day I decided to run to the store and to my surprise my garage door would not open. Confused and frightened at what the cost might be to have this problem fixed I immediately started pressing buttons on the fuse box. Nothing worked.

I called my nephew who rushed over and repeatedly the process that I had already done. He then checked all the outlets individually. He an engineer (chemical) used terms I had never heard of before, I had no idea of what he was talking, but I nodded as though I did, and was left even more confused. Needless to say the problem was not resolved and we found out that the outside outlets stopped working as well. I ended up plugging the garage motor up to another outlet across the garage (tacky).

Fast forward to last night. I pulled into my garage and off the advice of a friend went back to the fuse box. He suggested to see if any were loose and if so he would come and replace them. But as I went over I discovered a tiny red button by the one labeled garage. I pressed it, grabbed a set of Christmas lights, and ran to the front porch to plug them in, and just like that they lit up!!

God may not come when you want him but he is always on time. The wait seemed long but the end is so worth it!! Now I must find more lights as these aren’t all working.