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The Road To Glory

Naya Weeks is a young woman, like most, just wanting to have a complete life. A life including a husband, a child, and good friends to depend on; however she is coming up short on all accounts except with her son Devon. No matter how she tries to do the right things it seems as if she keeps opening the door to the devil and becomes defeated of her goal.

Will she ever get the life she see others with and dreams of? Naya’s life is enriched by the relationships with her friends, Shandon and Lynette, and her sister, Alicia. As the women try to help Naya in her dating situations, attire, child rearing practices, it become evident that the intertwining of their lives was divinely orchestrated. In every situation the view of the obstacle is different as well the way to overcome it.

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Saved and Single………..Why?

Why are there so many saved singled women in the church? It appears there has been a conspiracy against women who has chosen to live for God. The men of the church are seeking outside the church for a wife. What’s up with that picture? What I chose to wait for my husband to give up my goodies and that isn’t good enough for the saved men.

Some of my thoughts on this subject are simple. The men aren’t seeking to live such Holy lives as the women. They are afraid that us saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost women can’t perform in the bedroom, or it’s simple as ABC…….Christian women carry to much baggage. I prefer to go with the latter part of this.

If I have to hear one more big hat wearing, bible toting, single for the past ten years Christian woman go and talk about her past relationship as though they just broke up TODAY! I might have to tell it like it is.

No man whether saved or unsaved wants a woman who is carrying baggage. You seeking God for a husband but yet haven’t sought God for a healing. God isn’t going to send you a whole man for you to mess him up with your foolishness. Why you might ask?

For one if you haven’t asked God to make you whole in Him then you will seek to find your wholeness in that man. Meaning he wouldn’t be able to breath without you standing or asking him to share with you. He will be the center of your attention, the apple of your eye, the reason you breath. “NO, that is far from the truth” some of you are saying.

Don’t take it from me but when 2,3,4 more years past and the closetest you got to a possible husband was the blind date your Pastor and First Lady set you up with that didn’t go no further than the third date and that was only after they begged him to give it another try. But after hearing you go on and on about nothing because you hadn’t opened your heart up totally to God for him to feed you fresh knowledge, wisdom, and things that interest others and not just you.

Then will you cry out for God to work on YOU!