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Worth The Wait

Women Wait For A Abraham:

  1. He hoped against a hopeless situation. What we know for sure is that it was not him with the fertility problem. What we also know for sure is back in those times before following God they were mixed in a culture where they worshipped many gods. When a woman did not produce children she was considered cursed and men would often put them away in divorce.
  2. Abraham was faithful: Because we know that it wasn’t Abraham with the problem it only leaves us to assume he remained faithful and prayerful for things to change for his wife. He might of prayed to every god before encountering the one true living God but he prayed until something shifted. We know for sure he didn’t take another woman in the bed until instructed to by his wife in an attempt to please her and not to please himself. He didn’t take another wife until the death of Sarah and he went on to have more children.
  3. Abraham was not swayed: The culture would have had a great affect on the marriage. Such as shame, created pressure, it would have been stigmatized, and perhaps he would have been considered weak as a man for staying. Even in all of this Abraham was not swayed to step out of his vows, character, integrity, and his love for Sarah.

Women please when dating make sure you take your time and get to know the backstory of the man. You are not desperate and you do not have to settle for a man who is unhealed, uncertain of what he wants or who he is even after several failed marriages and/or relationships, has eyes for every woman they see, or has no godly character or integrity. Don’t you dare settle! There are men who hold the character and integrity of Abraham in his love and faithfulness for Sarah. Wait on God because it will be worth the wait.

Christianity, Devotional, Inspirational

I Pray…

We are living in times of chaos, division, malicious behavior, and the list goes on. What saddens me the most is that this behavior is coming from those who proclaim Christ as their Savior.

I expect that behavior from the world but when it comes from those you worship with its enough to harden ones heart if not careful. Trying to be love in action causes some suffering and we know the present sufferings is nothing to the coming glory. But it sure gets hard trying to win the unchurched to Christ when all they see are worldly behaviors coming from the churched.

I pray that people would truly seek the face of God for themselves and allow God to speak to those stony places in their hearts. That’s for the church and the unchurched. The enemy sits back and laughs as people grow further apart because he knows we are powerful together but weakened when we are divided.

I pray are eyes become enlightened to the deeper things of God. Many of us have become dull in our spiritual senses and our discernment is nothing more than our feelings. Our ears can’t hear the voice of God for the voice of those we seek above him.

I pray we all get it together before God calls our number and it’s too late.