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Hey you guys I haven been busy busy working on many things that God has me putting together for the betterment of us women. Here is a link to part of a story for my new magazine called Woman 2 Woman/Matters of The Heart. It’s here on WordPress as well but only part. You have to subscribe to get the in print and all the wonderful encouraging testimonies of over coming. We are giving voices to unspoken issues. So don’t worry about who can you tell on this earth your deepest issue because God has called us to give it a voice and give you the power to over come it. I am so excited. Plus I am giving you guys the opportunity to be guest writers as well. If you have a powerful story of an unspoken issue that you have over come then please go to contact us and leave your information on Woman 2 Woman and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Okay here is the link and please post post post. Love you guys!



Woman 2 Woman

Woman 2 Woman

Be on the look out for my new online and in print magazine called Woman 2 Woman. This is going to be awesome how God uses different women from all walks of life to write about the unspoken issues of the heart. If you would like to subscribe please leave your name and subscribe to my blog and I will send out updates and the link to the website.