Special Podcast: Domestic Violence

Abuse defined
Domestic violence (also referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV), dating abuse, or relationship abuse) is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.
Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. People of any race, age, gender, sexuality, religion, education level, or economic status can be a victim — or perpetrator — of domestic violence. That includes behaviors that physically harm, intimidate, manipulate or control a partner, or otherwise force them to behave in ways they don’t want to, including through physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, or financial control.

Get Help Today: Call~ 1-800-787-3224 or Text ~ START to 88788 help is available 24 hours a day!

Today’s Guest: Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro is an award-winning and celebrated author, speaker and educator. She earned her doctorate in education from Northern Illinois University and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard during a very successful and rewarding 35-year career as a high school special14 education teacher, with 12 years as a university adjunct graduate school professor. Marni’s life was forever changed after experiencing numerous trauma-induced STEs-Spiritually Transformative Encounters. Marni’s 5-star Reader’s Favorites, 2022 Hollywood Book Festival Runner-Up and 2020 Best Books Award Winning Spiritual fiction “God Came to My Garage Sale” is prominently endorsed by James Redfield, best selling author of “The Celestine Prophecy” series of books. Marni’s latest prominently endorsed 5-book series is entitled: “True Deceit False Love” addresses Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse, Parental Alienation and Intergenerational Family Trauma. Marni is a lover of animals, nature, music and world travel who handles life’s challenges with love and compassion. She values honesty, integrity, equality and goodness and prays for peace on earth. Marni is a contributing author to numerous anthology books. In January 2022 Marni was inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization.
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The Press


Philippians 3:14~I press toward the mark for the
prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus


I can remember the first year of giving my life to God; He would often deal with me with visions. One of the visions He gave me was one of a racehorse, and you know how those horses have those blinders on so that he can only see in front of him. While this horse was running, Jesus stood in front of him. There were objects that fell in front of him, but because this horse kept his eyes on Jesus, he never stumbled and those things that should have hindered him were removed. I can remember this vision just like it was yesterday, because it serves as a constant reminder that if we just keep our eyes on Jesus, and press toward that higher calling which God has called us to then the things of this world that are meant to make us stumble and hinder our arrival will be removed. If we just keep our eyes on Jesus, casting our cares upon Him, then our walk will become a little easier. The press isn’t a press if we don’t have something that is trying to block us from getting to our destination.

Sometimes we can be on every auxiliary in the church, fast three times a week, pray morning, noon and night, attend every church function, and read the bible till you know it by heart, but still deal with issues. Issues that are meant to take you under, destroy your ministry, and take you away from your calling. You have two choices, one is to throw in the towel and let them consume you till you find yourself slipping away from your daily commune with God, or you can press your way through. Press your way through the lies, bills piling up, people walking away, kids acting up, being overlooked, misunderstood, and walked on by the very ones you love the most.

When you press your way through such difficulties the anointing is being pressed out of you. You will find yourself going higher in God, deeper in the word, deeper into the spirit, new revelation, wisdom, and knowledge being poured into you. This is when your very image is shaped more of God’s image and the power that is within becomes more evident in your life. Your very haters will have to say that God is alive and He is working in your life. No longer will you have to be bound by shackles and chains, but you will bubble over with the joy of the Lord, and laughing in the enemy’s face as he scratches his head at how you never gave up. The more you press the more God will empower you to jump over your issues as you run this race to see what the end may bring.

Press on my Brother & Sister! God is with you.