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Just Grateful


Every day isn’t always easy, but everyday I strive to stay connected with God. I know that I can’t do anything without God moving ahead of me.  Am I perfect, by all means no! My children can push me to the edge and make me want to sin with my lips and sometimes I have to just walk away.  My boss can say some things that make me want to turn around and ask her who do you think you are talking too.  Bills fill my mailbox, doctor appointments fill my day, and family can pull me in twenty different directions.  It’s when I close my eyes, walk away, or fall to my knees and pray that I know God is with me through it all.  Even when I don’t know how I am going to make it, God speaks so ever softly to my spirit and calms my fears and erases my doubts.

Join me as I take this moment and close my eyes and think back on how God has always been there.  Let His peace that surpasses all understanding wash over you and know that He is God all by his self.  

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Truth be Told

How can you truly experience liberty in the spirit when you aren’t free to be real. Constantly hiding true feelings, secret sin, afraid of being exposed. This is a terrible way to live ones life.

Truth be told we all deal with something that keeps us pressed down on our knees begging for God to deliver us. Everyday we must die to our flesh. I don’t care what your title is or how long you been saved we all deal with the flesh in some form or fashion.

James 5:16 ~ confess your faults one to another and pray one for another that Ye may be healed (delivered). The effectual fervent prayers of the righteous man availeth much.

The problem with confession is we aren’t being led to who to confess to. Just because she is the mother, prophet, or first lady of the church doesn’t mean she can handle the real you. Why you might ask.

Well how can another person who has yet to tell God their real issues but try to hide them not only from God but from people who can pray for them pray for you. Especially if you deal with the same issues. This can cause them to spread your issue. But wait I want you to know why. The reason they spread it is because its a release for them and their own issue. Yes they are gossiping but they are seeking someone to step up and say I dealt with that. Let me pray for them. That’s their door opener to finally say “pray for me as well. I deal with that as well?”

<Don't get discouraged because confession is good for the soul & always remember to be led by God.