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Speak No Evil


The tongue is one of the hardest things to tame and is the most powerful body part we have. We have the ability to cause war or peace with this little instrument.  The Bible tells us “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone”(Romans 12:13). Well, what happens when they don’t want peace?

Titus 3:2 says that we are not to speak evil of no man but be gentle, and show kindness to all men. Even when someone speaks evil of you unjustly and even when it hurts you, we all are still required not to speak evil against another. But, what am I suppose to do when they keep speaking evil against me?

You are to keep in remembrance that we all at some time were and did foolish hurtful things but through it all, God never spoke evil of us. He instead with loving kindness drew us in love and showed us the error of our ways. Even now we do things not pleasing to our loving father but he still doesn’t speak evil of us.  Instead, He has mercy for us and convicts our hearts to repent.

 That is how we are to be with others. Loving one another with the same love we are loved with and having mercy as we are shown mercy for each other always praying for the needs of others as well as for ourselves.

Try taking the next 30 days and for everyone who speaks evil of you show them, love instead. Speak good and edifying things of them and see how your life changes for the good.

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I Am Walking In It!



After much prayer and tugging from God, I finally did it! I am walking in my calling as God instructed me to. I started my Life Coaching and Biblical Counseling Practice. I am excited! As many of you know, I am an Ordained Minister, and I have received my BA in Christian Counseling and a minor in Theology back in 2014. I continued my education and I am nearing the completion of my Masters. I will complete my studies this October and from there I will take my exam for my licensure to be a Pastoral Counselor. I received my Life Coaching diploma and became board certified through Light University and BCPCC, divisions of AACC. I pray that all of you will keep me in prayer and if you so desire to need a life coach or a Biblical counselor to consider me. Head over to my website( and take a look around. Subscribe while you are over there so you can keep up with me on that side as well.

I thank you all for your support thus far and look forward to your continued support with my new career. As always you all are in my prayers and thoughts. Love you and Jesus loves you more.

Minister Brianna Headen                                                                                                                                 Life Coach/Biblical Counselor