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A Burden

As I prayed this morning God gave me such a burden for those who are hurting deep down. His people who feel like they have no where to turn. I prayed for peace over every troubled mind, spirit, soul, and heart with tears in my eyes. We as a body must position ourselves for prayer for all people. As the word declares, that Jesus died for the whole world and not just some that we may all have a right to the tree of life. Gods love for his creation surpasses our limited understanding and we can’t comprehend it. Let’s strive for this love daily. This burden for the hurt should be on every believer.

Will, you join me in prayer God’s people?

Father, we join together united with one mind and one spirit with one purpose and that is that your glory and power is shown throughout the earth realm. We pray that you give peace to the broke hearted, peace to the troubled mind, peace to the troubled in spirit, and peace to their souls. We come against depression and oppression, every lie, curse, witchcraft spirit, and we bind up everything trick of the enemy that comes and have come to steal, kill, and destroy.

Father we thank you because we know that your word is true, powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, and no weapon formed my prosper, and every word spoken in judgment shall be condemned. We decree and declare that your people will be set free in their minds. They will no longer be held captive to the falsehood of the enemy, their past will no longer haunt them, and they shall be set free from all trauma.

We come against any backlash from hell itself and decree and declare that we are covered by the blood. We speak an overflow of your spirit in and through us. Father we thank you as we count these things done in Jesus name Amen.

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