Does your mate minister to you?


Mine ministers to my heart in the wee hours of the morning.  He awakens me with his sweet whispers and His words are like the dew in the mornings that gently rest upon my heart. My heart skips a beat with his tender touches. Oh, how I yearn for his caress. Nothing & no one can satisfy me like Him that holds the key to my heart as He gently carries it in His hand.  His name shall forever be sketched in the deepest part of my soul. Oh, how I am in love with Him and He in love with me♥

Never knew a love like the love of Christ.

14 thoughts on “Does your mate minister to you?”

  1. My mate does not minister to me. She is a hypocrite. I kid you not!

      1. She exactly what I said. Ministering to her is useless.

      2. I gave up two years ago. She is in church every Sunday. She sings on the choir and more but she is not save.

      3. Still married and going strong but unless she repents she will not make it.

      4. I don’t understand…you are still going strong, but she won’t make it unless she repents. Do you mean make it as a Christian or a wife?

      5. She pretend to be a Christian but she is not. She is a hypocrite but we are happily married.

      6. Pretending to be a Christian when she is not. By their deeds you shall know them. I live with her, I know.

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